Brief introduction of clamp in connection


Brief introduction of clamp in connection

The characteristics of clamp connection are as follows:

1. Clamp connection is conducive to reliable construction

Using grooved pipe connection technology, only cutting machine, grooving machine and handle for fastening bolt are needed on site, so the construction organization is convenient. Welding and flange connection need to be equipped with complex power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, which brings complexity to the construction organization, and there are also hidden dangers of electric leakage and fire. At the same time, the welding slag produced by welding and gas cutting will inevitably fall into the pipeline, which is easy to cause pipeline valves and even equipment blockage in use, and also pollute the water quality in the pipeline. Welding and flange connection will inevitably require long-time high-intensity aerial work, and also prone to production accidents.

2. The clamp connection system is stable and easy to maintain

Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of pipeline system is increased, which is more suitable for the change of temperature, so as to protect the pipeline valve and reduce the damage of pipeline stress to structural parts.

Due to the simple operation of grooved pipe connection, the required operation space becomes smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, just loosen the two clamps to replace, rotate and modify a section of pipeline. There is no need to destroy the surrounding walls, and the maintenance time and cost are reduced.